Oxcide® + Deposition Control for Water Treatment

Oxcide® + Deposition Control is a powerful water treatment for your entire water supply. NSF/ANSI 60 listed for facility water treatment, Oxcide® + Deposition Control is a safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous chemical that is added to the main water supply on a proportional injection ratio. Conditioning the water with Oxcide® + Deposition Control mildly oxidizes the water neutralizing incoming carbonates and bicarbonates and gradually removes existing deposits. Hard scales of Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, etc. are unable to form crystalline structures or trap organic materials. Existing deposits are dissolved and easily wash away leaving surfaces clean.

Our fast acting formula dissolves and washes away build up with normal use

Oxcide® + Deposition Control removes and prevents hard scale build up on surfaces that come into regular contact with your water supply.
Treated 20 Days
Normal scale forms a hard, insoluble and interlocking network which plugs plumbing, traps biofilm, and damages equipment.
Treated 40 Days
Our formula changes the chemical structure of scale causing it to dissolve and wash away leaving your facility looking great!

What are the customers saying?

Our customers enjoy a reduction in overall costs associated with facility maintenance as well as increased efficiency. Continuous treatment leads to increasing ORP values, meaning the water is cleaner and has the ability to break down contaminates. With Oxcide® + Deposition Control, customers a able to improve food safety, reduce chemical usage, and reduce maintenance labor.

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