Oxcide® + Deposition Control for Poultry Facilities

Normal scale forms a hard, insoluble and interlocking network which plugs plumbing, interferes with heat transfer and damages equipment. Our proprietary water treatment dissolves scale and washes away the organic materials trapped on surfaces of your facility. Oxcide® + Deposition Control maintains your entire water system, keeping your pipes free of build up and flowing at full capacity.

Bag Filters Treated with Oxcide® + Deposition Control


Prior to treatment this equipment quickly developed hard scale that had to be cleaned with a wire brush. The bag filters were being replaced every 3 days.​

Treated 15 Days

After 15 days of water treatment with Oxcide® + Deposition Control the scale became soft and was easily removed.​

Treated 45 Days

The scale washed away entirely after 45 days of treatment. Oxcide® + Deposition Control will removes scale and also prevents future build up.​

Untreated Duct Surface
Treated 60 Days

Duct Surface Treated with Oxcide® + Deposition Control

The duct surfaces in this poultry facility were covered with hard scale deposits as a result of water contact. Not only is this unsightly, over time it does damage to the equipment. After 60 days of treatment with Oxcide® + Deposition Control, the scale was entirely removed and no new build up was formed.

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